We, the Co-authors of the Christian books represented in this Foundation website,
want to help you resolve the many problems in your life. But with all of the many
problems of life, they only fit into three basic cause/effect problem categories, sin,
death and sorrow.

We Are People-Problem Engineers of Life

We, the Co-authors, are “People-Problem Engineers of Life”. We will try to fix your
‘problems of life’ with: 1) Our books, written for God and you 2) the use of references
from God’s Holy Bible and 3) God’s love and guidance helping you and us. However,
we cannot fix a broken heart—God fixes broken hearts. And God’s precious Son, Jesus
Christ died on the cross to Save us from sin and eternal death. With Jesus in our hearts,
minds and souls, eternal death has been replaced with eternal salvation and life in
heaven with God, Jesus and our deceased loved ones. And once we die and go to
heaven, God will remove the sorrow from us!

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